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January 23, 2023
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January 24, 2023

What is light paraffin?


What is light paraffin (macrocrystal)? What are the types of paraffin and what is light paraffin (macrocrystal) used for?

There is a group of substances called alkanes in the chemistry, and paraffin is actually alkanes in chemistry. In this article, we will introduce and review the types of light paraffin.

In a word, paraffin can be described as a petroleum chemical, which is available in the market in four forms: liquid, solid, granular and gel. Hard paraffin has a jelly like state and is sometimes called paraffin wax.

In fact, whenever we talk about paraffin wax, we mean solid paraffin. Jelly and other types of solid paraffin have been used more than anything else in candle making. Of course, the use of other paraffin was also added over time. In this article, we will talk about some other applications.

Liquid paraffin is used more than anything for industrial purposes. Of course, in addition to solid and liquid types, paraffin can be classified into other forms too.

In the above lines, we found a short and simple answer to the question that “what paraffin is?”. Although this answer can be expanded and completed in other ways.

Paraffin can be described as a type of saturated hydrocarbon compound, in which all the carbons in the molecule are connected to each other by bonds. As mentioned above, these hydrocarbons, which are called paraffin, are also called alkanes.

What is light paraffin (macrocrystal)?

In general, one of the important characteristics of paraffin hydrocarbons is that carbon atoms are connected through bonds. Meanwhile, other existing bonds are also filled with hydrogen atoms.

Solid paraffin

Solid paraffin in terms of oil content:

Solid paraffin 0.5 to 1% oil

Solid paraffin 1 to 3% oil

Solid paraffin 3 to 5% oil

Solid paraffin 5 to 7% oil

What is paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax, which often contains about 3 to 5% oil, is usually milky white in color and as mentioned above, has a jelly like state. It usually melts at 58 to 60° C and freezes at 50 to 55° C, which is why we often see paraffin as a solid.

Yes, the above cases refer to solid paraffin and liquid paraffin is white and clear. This type of paraffin boils at 175° C and evaporates at 265° C.

But the classification of paraffin is not limited to solid and liquid paraffin and includes other types too. Now, perhaps the most important question is which category is related to paraffin?

What is paraffin oil?

There are different types of paraffin oil and this variety has led to the wide use of this compound in different industries. Liquid and heavy paraffin, light and solid paraffin, ordinary paraffin and chlorinated paraffin, food, hygienic and industrial paraffin are part of this wide range of this very useful substance.

Light paraffin is a type of hydrocarbon, whose molecules have 20 to 40 carbon atoms. This material is a product of the petrochemical field and is based on coal or petroleum.

Types of solid paraffin and its uses

About all types and applications of solid paraffin, it should be said that solid paraffin can be divided into three categories: industrial paraffin, edible paraffin, and cleaning paraffin. Meanwhile, most of us encounter many of these three types of substances in our lives. The substance that we sometimes do not recognize it, is known as a type of paraffin.

Maybe you or one of your families has an illness and you need medicine to make X-rays of your internal organs easier. In fact, this medicine is one of the edible paraffin. In general, a wide variety of edible paraffin are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Types of hygienic paraffin are mainly used in the production of cosmetics. Additives such as various oils and creams are widely used among people. For example, we can mention softening oils that are produced with paraffin. It’s interesting to know that decades ago, when my grandmother and grandfather were young, they used paraffin to style their hair. In fact, this substance served as today’s conditioning gel for older people at that time.

In industry, the conditions of use of kerosene are mostly defined by the composition of the substance known as fuel. Gears are things that are used to reduce friction between moving parts and make them move easier than usual.

There is another type of solid kerosene called granular kerosene. This type of kerosene is widely used in various industries. The most common application of hard grain paraffin is found in the rubber industry.


Types and applications of liquid paraffin

Now that we have talked about the types and uses of solid paraffin, it is better to speak about liquid paraffin and find out what the types and uses of liquid paraffin are and what they include.

Liquid paraffin does not have any specific types and only one solid form is known, which is liquid paraffin. This particular type of paraffin is mainly used in various industries. In industries such as rubber making, match making, candle making, battery making and cable making, this material is used in each of them in a special way.

In addition, the existent of paraffin in other industries and activities such as production of plant pesticides, insulation, paint production, glue production, waterproof fabric and industrial paper production, wax and polish production, cosmetics and similar industries, using in wood and paper packaging, casting industries, defense industries, cement industry and textile industry.

Properties of light crystalline paraffin

The raw materials used in the production of light paraffin, are produced from oil refineries and light crystal paraffin in petrochemical and paraffin factories by applying changes and processes.

The price of light paraffin is lower than heavy paraffin. Crystal solid light paraffin can be prepared in different ways, including powder, granules, crumb and bulk mold. Light solid paraffin, which is the same macrocrystalline paraffin, is available at proper prices for domestic and international markets.


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