اسلک وکس (slack wax)
Definition of Slack Wax and expression of its use
January 24, 2023
مزایای پارافین تراپی
Definition of paraffin therapy and advantages and disadvantages thereof
January 24, 2023
پارافین جامد

Definition of Solid Paraffin

Solid Paraffin

Paraffin is a saturated hydrocarbon compound that can be produced in two forms of liquid and solid paraffin. In the structure of paraffin, simple carbon bonds can be seen, which will be obtained from refining base oils. The appearance of solid paraffin is in the form of white cubic molds, which chemically has the structural formula of CnH2n+2.

The pure paraffin will start to melt at a temperature above 37°, so if you put it in your hand, it will loosen after a while. solid paraffin is white, odorless, tasteless, and also insoluble in water physically, which will burn slowly and is the best oil for producing candle.

This product is found in two types of liquid paraffin and solid paraffin. For the production of liquid paraffin, kinds of light base oils are used, but solid paraffin is produced from a material called slack wax, which is a combination of oil and wax and will be created from refining petrochemical oils. This product is divided into two categories: light or macrocrystal paraffin and heavy or microcrystal paraffin.

The value of solid paraffin depends on its purity and the amount of oil in the paraffin, which means that the lower the amount of oil in the paraffin, the higher the quality and value of it. For this purpose, the producers of paraffin will first extract oil from slack wax, which is called de-oiling or de-waxing. Then they heat the slack wax and combine it with solvents such as ketones to create a special paraffin called foots oil. Foots oil is a low-quality type of paraffin that can be refined for producing pure solid paraffin. Finally, they pour the hot solution into the mold and after cooling, it will be supplied in a form of solid paraffin.

Types of Candle Making Paraffin

Among the applications of solid paraffi

Using paraffin in candle making

In producing rubber and tanning

In producing hygienic paraffin for paraffin therapy

Using paraffin in match making

Producing industrial oils and wax

in producing edible paraffin and oil  

Producing oil papers, pastels and crayons

Paraffin is the main ingredient for making candles, which is available in solid (acidic), crystalline, gel, liquid, etc. Types of solid paraffin are described below.



Acidic solid paraffin

It has a cloudy color and its percentage of fat is very high, and the candles produced with this paraffin will turn yellow over time. But it is better for those who are beginners in the candle making industry to use this type of paraffin because it has a proper price than other paraffin.


Crystal paraffin

It has a white and transparent color and is sold at higher price than acidic paraffin. This paraffin is used for making candles and it is recommended more than other types of paraffin.


Bulk Paraffin

The difference between solid paraffin and crystal paraffin

One of the differences between crystal paraffin and ordinary paraffin is the percentage of oil and its purification. The percentage of oil of crystal paraffin will be lower than normal paraffin, and it has more resistance, longer burning duration, and better colorability and it is gained from crude oil, while normal paraffin is gained from oil waste and is less refined than crystal paraffin. It has darker and duller color than crystal in terms of appearance and has lower price than crystal paraffin.

Crystal paraffin is more transparent and flexible than solid paraffin, and it will have higher quality in general.

Manner of selling paraffin for candle making

The sale is done wholesale and retail. They will store paraffin in bulk and in large barrels and in large quantities, they will decolorize and de-oil some of it upon the order of the customer and give it to the buyer. It is also possible to sell it partially and in small quantities, mostly for home use and also for small orders. These paraffin (special for partial sales) will produce a lot of soot in addition to having more oil.

Manner of melting paraffin

For melting solid paraffin, just cut them into pieces and then put it on heat and wait until it melts. Now it’s time to add stearic acid to it concerning its amount. According to the principles, two to three spoons of stearic acid are enough for every half kilo of solid paraffin.

For melting jelly paraffin you should pour this material into a container and add a little stearic acid to it, and finally put it on the indirect heat (bain-marie) until it melts.

Producing Paraffin

Notes for using solid paraffin for making candles

  • This material is flammable, so keep away from flames when using it.

  • The smoke rising from paraffin candles is very harmful for the lungs, so you should avoid from it.

  • Oil and fat of paraffin is chemical and is not an edible vegetable or animal oil. If this substance enters into edible oils, it disrupts the digestive system and digestion due to the existence of petroleum substances in it.

Price of solid paraffin

Raw materials for producing paraffin in Iran will be supplied in the market by governmental refineries. So policies of the government and fluctuations of the rate of foreign currency, shall not affect it. We would like to inform our dear customers to contact the consultants of Arash Mahya (Armaco) Paraffin Manufacturing Company, to purchase solid paraffin and liquid paraffin in order to use in various industries, and also purchasing export paraffin.

Last Word

Paraffin is generally sold in two types of solid and liquid in the market, all of which are part of petroleum materials. The paraffin which is used for candle making is slightly different from the paraffin used in medicine and industry. paraffin for candle making is solid or jelly, but liquid paraffin is suitable for industrial use.

Paraffin suitable for making candles, including jelly, crystal, transparent, glitter, etc., each of which requires a certain temperature to melt, will be used to make a special candle. For preparing different types of paraffin, you can consult with the consultants of Arash Mahya Paraffin manufacturing Company.

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